Vital things you need to know about Dental All on 4

Do you need the best teeth replacement option in Brisbane? If you need multiple replacement teeth, then the all on 4 Brisbane dentists are offering is perfect for you!
All on 4 involves titanium implants that can hold an entire arch of teeth. It only consists of 4 implants attached to each jaw, which acts as a support for the bridge. After securing the implants, the specialist will then affix the artificial teeth on the bridge.
And that makes All on 4 a better option than other teeth replacements. It provides more secure support for artificial teeth, letting it appear and function naturally. Moreover, it only requires 4 implants too, which makes it less invasive than traditional dental implants.
What to know about All on 4 Brisbane dentists can offer 
You can ask a Brisbane dentist about All on 4. However, it’s best to get some ideas about it beforehand to prepare yourself.
It’s best for multiple teeth replacement
As mentioned earlier, All on 4 requires a couple of implants for each teeth arch, and a bridge to hold the artificial teeth. And that’s impractical to have if you only need to replace one or two missing teeth.
That’s when you should consider other options, such as dentures and smaller implants. Aside from having a fitting solution for a few missing teeth, this also means more affordable fixing teeth cost to pay.
Nevertheless, if you need to replace the majority of your teeth in an arch, All on 4 should fit you well.
Follow the proper procedure
Visit a reliable dentist for your initial check-up, and inform them about your interest in All on 4 implants. The dentist can confirm if it’s a viable option for you.
The dentist will conduct a series of check-ups to figure out your dental features. For example, they will get the measurements of your teeth and jaw. That helps in providing you with the best fit. Moreover, they will conduct an X-ray examination to know your bone’s condition too.
Once everything is ready, they will schedule you for the implant surgery.
All on 4 is less invasive than traditional dental implants
Traditional dental implants demand a strong jaw bone for installation. It even requires bone grafting before the actual implant procedure. In addition, it involves 8 implants to hold both of the upper and lower dental arches.
All on 4 Brisbane has today only involves 4 implants to hold both teeth arches. It doesn’t demand really strong jawbones as well, helping patients to avoid bone grafting.
Better healing process
All on 4 Brisbane implants heal faster than traditional options. In just 6 months, gums will fully heal with the implants securely fused into the bones.
However, you still need to visit your dentist while healing. This is to make sure that the healing process is going fine, without any threats of infection.
These are the vital info you should know about All on 4. However, remember to consult and inquire with a reputable dentist about it for more info. This is when you should check out Fix Dental.
Know more about All on 4 and other dental services you can have. Check Brisbane dentist prices as well so you can prepare your cash and insurance for it.

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