Great enemy of aging! About active oxygen …

Anti-aging, simply put, is “to resist aging.” What you want to look younger than your age and want to be beautiful is to feel any woman, right? So what does aging really mean?

One possible cause is the increase in active oxygen. What happens when the reactive oxygen species increases?
To put it simply, there is no firmness and the skin is sore or wrinkled.

So what is reactive oxygen and what causes it?

Reactive oxygen is oxygen that has been taken into the body but can not be used as energy and remains. Usually, it is necessary for the body because it has a role to get rid of bacteria and viruses, but if it occurs too much, the collagen responsible for the stiffness becomes hard and the elasticity decreases.

If you ask this way, you feel that there is no way to prevent reactive oxygen, but until 30’s, the antioxidant action works and it removes it naturally. When you are in your forties, the power will decrease. However, you can gradually reduce it by paying attention to your diet and skin care.

In your diet, try to have antioxidant foods in mind. Vitamins A, E, and C (cabbage, carrot, lemon, almond, etc.) eliminate harm and prevent oxidation. For skin care, apply sunscreen and prevent UV rays. Ultraviolet light produces active oxygen in the body. Be aware of sunlight even in winter and try not to get ultraviolet rays.

Post Author: Myrna Clarkson

Myrna Clarkson