Different Types of Hair Extensions in the Gold Coast

If you read style and fashion magazines that belong to any part of the world, you will find numerous news items that relate to how celebrities change their look, and do a makeover with the help of hair extensions. Like in Los Angeles, US, Sarah Michelle Gellar has got a new look with her newly brunette locks. Of course, it was possible with the help of mermaid length hair extensions. While staying in the Gold Coast, Australia, if you too wish to have hair extentions in Gold Coast, then it is necessary that you know about the different types of hair extensions that are available.

It’s true that with the help of different hair extensions and other styling options, women can change their look completely within a few hours. These hair extensions help in changing the facial look and highlight those areas of face that are flattering. So, when you are planning to get them done, it is necessary that you know about the various types of hair extentions in Gold Coast and then choose the one that goes best with your face.


This type of hair extension lasts for about six months. You need to move them up closer to your scalp every 4 to 5 weeks with the help of glue remover. After a period of six months, these extensions will start falling off as the glue remover will start breaking the tape of the hair extension.

Nano Ring and Micro Ring

This is another type of hair extension where the micro and anno rings need to be moved up through the natural hair after every eight weeks, and then they must be re-tipped. At the top of the extension tip, there are small wires in nano rings along with a small metal ring that is squeezed into a wire along with some natural hair.


For applying wefts, either they are sewn into corn rows, or else they are attached with micro rings. As they may sag at the back, a pin is required to move them up with natural hair after every four weeks. However, while sleeping with them, you may feel them bulky and heavy.


Among the various types of hair extentions in Gold Coast, this is a temporary solution which cannot be used while sleeping or even while swimming. As they give short-term results, you can slip out natural hair with them.


If you are looking for any hair extension that will last longer than others, then you may choose shrinkies as these last up to 12 weeks. As they do not shed or thin out, you can re-use them several times. You do not have to remove them for any medical procedure, and they do not itch or fall out. They give a complete natural look and can be worn in any style.

Hence, once you know about the various choices that are there in front of you, it becomes easier to choose a hair extension style that will go with your look and enhance your beauty.

Post Author: Myrna Clarkson

Myrna Clarkson